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The Foundation offers a variety of services to handle whatever your musical project may entail. Be sure to visit our productions page to see the library of tunes, beats, numbers, rags, pieces, and other rarities. To be frank, everything is for sale at The Cut Familly Foundation. If you should fiind anything which would further your musical cause, let us know and we'll arrange to make it yours. If you cannot find that particular beat that you are looking for but you like what you hear, contact us and we can custom craft a number to suit your individual needs.

LOOPS The Cut Family Foundation makes beats - like this. With years of study and effort as a bedrock, the faculty at The Foundation crafts music. We then take our own works and sample ourselves, the results of which offer an original canvas for MCs to show their talents. We want to work with you, hence, copyright clearance is a snap because it is all original material, custom crafted from start to finish. Get with us, we can produce a funk masterpeice totally original to you and you alone.

FILM The Foundation makes music for scenes. Listen to this. That's demanding a script. This too. Thousands of film makers are looking for music to set their scenes off, we make it happen. Browse our suggested film samples for a taste of what do. Also, film is not limited to cinema. We work with advertising to move product. Sample this and picture the voice over. Our musical canvas is applicable to all situations in which music is heard.

TUNES Certainly not least of the services The Foundation offers, tunes are our way of fulfilling our mandate to serve the needs of a funky public. While we endeavour to remain in more of a production role, working with fellow artisans of all stripe, we produce our own tunes as well. The results of these non-partisan endeavours we offer to anyone with access to the world wide web. At heart, the faculty at The Cut Family Foundation are entertainers with years of performance and composition experience. We would be remiss if we did not want to entertain anyone and everyone we come in contact with. Peace.