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Get down with this Funky Public! MDLM Volume 8: Harold's Hip. The vast majority of sounds used come from the Invisivle Harold II RPM project. Read about that below. The sound pallette comes from any and all sources. Download away peoples! It is, by design, a departure from our previous offerings.



Creativity benefits greatly from deadlines...dunno if you fine folks are familiar with the RPM challenge, but it's a nifty lil thing. Basically, make an album from nothing to completion in the month of February. The Foundation teamed up with your favorite rockers IamIs and Tessitura to create Invisible Harold II, not what you'd expect from the hip dippin Foundational mandate, but we take this whole nullus cantus inauditus thing seriously. Check it out!



As commissioned by The Chairman himself, straight from The Foundation Laboratory, check this out: MDLM 6: A Sound Study In Groove. It's a sound buffett cooked up for all your get down needs, in a more electronic-y sorta way. Enjoy!


Get down to this, funky public - MDLM 5: The Hip Bone. A beat tape created from the recording of a particularly spontaneous and fruitful faculty jam session. Anyone feel the need to add to the goodness contained, by all means let us know...


Don't forget to check this one out too: MDLM 4: Music created while listening to "Trance Inducer" by IamIs. Propers and lots of love to our fellow underground adventurers. Do yourself a favor and check out "Trance Inducer" and The Foundation's remix:

And if you have not already, do download the get down below. The underground is all around you.

The Cut Family Foundation, Mix du le Maison Volume 3. Treat yourself.

Be sure to check out The Foundation's film work featured in: