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When you herald yourself as "A non-partisan musical think tank," you generate many questions. Below are some of those questions and our attempts to answer.

Q: What does the Cut Family Foundation do?

A: The Cut Family Foundation creates music. We are mandated to service the length and breadth of the music industry, from producers to filmmakers, artists to commercial advertising, from funk connoisseurs to folks just looking to get down. The Foundation crafts musical pieces to suit all needs, innately bringing high levels of musicianship and creativity to the process.

Q: Brew, how did you become such a funky individual?

A: Constant study.

Q: You call yourselves "non-partisan." Does that mean you are involved in politics?

A: The Cut Family Foundation is not involved in politics, nor does it officially favor any political philosophy or system. The Foundation is non-partisan in the sense that it makes no distinction between modern definitions of musical styles. All musical styles are worthy of study and application. This is not to say the individuals who comprise the faculty of The Foundation do not hold deep-seated musical beliefs, quite to the contrary; however, it is the codified policy of The Cut Family Foundation to never turn aside a musical creation based solely on what modern media and market forces call genre.

Q: Is The Cut Family Foundation a non-profit organization?

A: No.

Q: How do I obtain the services of The Cut Family Foundation?

A: Simple, just send us an e-mail, or visit the contact page for further details. Let us know the specific needs of your project, whether it is composing music for film scores, producing a beat for your next hip-hop hit or producing your entire album.

Q: Who are The Cuts?

A: For more information on The Cut Family and their role in establishing The Foundation, click here.

Q: Brew, why are the blues so important in these modern times?